XLAB Turbo Wing
XLAB Turbo Wing
XLAB Turbo Wing
XLAB Turbo Wing

XLAB Turbo Wing

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  • The TURBO WING is designed to fit the widest assortment of saddles of any of our dual rear-hydration systems.
  • It is also our most adjustable systems with 3 carrier positions and 5 different cage angles.
  • Available in three versions. TURBO WING only so you can use your own cages.
  • Or choose the TURBO WING SYSTEM complete dual rear-hydration solution! Available with your choice of 2 budget-minded XENON Cages or 2 of our world championship winning GORILLA carbon cages!


Optimized Aerodynamics

  • In the highest position, the TURBO WING is engineered to product ZERO DRAG!
  • Wind tunnel and real-world tests have proven that the addition of a TURBO WING to the rear of your bike can save 98 seconds over the course of a full distance triathlon!

Superior Strength

  • The TURBO WING is designed with durability and strength in mind.
  • High strength 6061-T6 aircraft aluminium for best-in-class strength to weight ratio.
  • Engineered “dimple” cut-outs into the chassis to remove weight while increasing strength and rigidity.
  • Corrosion resistant mounting hardware to combat the elements.

Versatile Storage

  • Holds Tubes/Levers in included XLAB X-STRAPS or optional XLAB MINI BAG mounts behind carrier
  • Holds Tubular Tire in X-STRAPS or optional XLAB MEZZO BAG mounts under carrier

Three Options

  • TURBO WING: Chassis Only. Includes TURBO WING chassis and mounting hardware.
  • TURBO WING SYSTEM W/ XENON Cages: TURBO WING chassis plus 2 Nylon Matrix Composite XENON Cages with 8 lb of bottle grip.
  • TURBO WING SYSTEM W/ GORILLA Cages: TURBO WING chassis plus 2 carbon fibre GORILLA Cages with 10 lb of bottle grip.



  • TURBO WING Chassis: TURBO WING Aluminum Alloy carrier, 1 pair of X-STRAPS, mounting hardware and instructions.
  • TURBO WING SYSTEM W/ XENON CAGES Chassis: TURBO WING Aluminum Alloy carrier, 2 XENON cages, 1 pair of X-STRAPS, mounting hardware and instructions.
  • TURBO WING SYSTEM W/ GORILLA CAGES Chassis: TURBO WING Aluminum Alloy carrier, 2 GORILLA Cages, 1 pair of X-STRAPS, mounting hardware and instructions.


  • Chassis: 6061 T-6 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
  • XENON Cage: Nylon Matrix Composite
  • GORILLA Cage: Proprietary carbon fibre composite layup.


  • TURBO WING: Chassis 70g, Hardware 48 g. Total 118 g
  • TURBO WING SYSTEM W/ XENON: Chassis 70 g, Hardware 48 g, 2 XENON Cages Total 204 g
  • TURBO WING SYSTEM W/ GORILLA: Chassis 70 g, Hardware 48 g. 2 GORILLA Cages 80 g Total 198 g


  • TURBO WING: 3-Year Warranty
  • XENON Cage: 3-Year Warranty
  • GORILLA Cage: Limited Lifetime Warranty

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